Arc & Fun sessions are available to anyone of any age from 7 years onwards at all sporting and physical levels.


Each session is divided three parts:
- Basic training to successfully land an arrow in the center of the target,
- The setting up of games that are fun and allow progressive development of skills.

- A final shooting competition to establish the level each participant has reached during the    session.

The objective of the meeting is to ensure that everyone is progressing rapidly in a relaxed atmosphere.





Arc & Fun  provides top quality equipment :  


A fleet of 24 Rolan Club bows with R-flex limbs (child and adult sizes)
- Different sizes from 54 "to 70"
- Different powers from 15-24 lbs
Each archer will be provided with the right bow for their size and strength.
- Carbon arrows of different lengths allowing archers to develop their skills,
- Refitting bow and arrow rest to avoid improper handling,
- 80 cm Square foam Targets,
- Wooden Bridges competition FITA standards, adaptable height for children,
- Different shields for different teaching situations.  

At each meeting, Arc & Fun will set up all appropriate safety materials for the safety of those shooting and observers :

- Demarcation of safe areas for archers and observers
- Safety nets to FFTA standards